Mainsail Technologies offers its customers industry-leading technology and comprehensive security solutions that prevent threats, protect valuable people and data, and positions organizations to take an offensive posture against cyber threats. Our dedicated, expert team is prepared to partner with diverse organizations to yield the optimal result – security and protection.

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Large Enterprises

Major corporations are under attack and data breaches represent hundreds of millions of dollars in potential loss and fines.

Small and Mid Enterprises

Small businesses are the gems of every community, and they maintain sensitive information about their customers. One hacking incident could result in irreparable damage to your brand and community trust.

Non Profits and Gov. Agencies

The majority of non-profits serve historically vulnerable people who rely upon those caring for them to make the right decisions for their physical and financial wellbeing. Honoring that commitment requires data loss prevention.

Methods Matter.You have options:



Endpoint Security

Data Loss Prevention

Identity Management

Network Access


Managed Threat Detection

Services That Enhance Success.

Cybersecurity consulting

Security Strategy:

We assist you with defining your most profound needs, risks, and solutions. Our dedicated team trusts that you are the experts in your business, and you can trust that we are the experts in ours.

Training as a strategy:

People are the first line of defense against of cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is imperative that all of your strategies place people and their enhanced competence at the center. Contact us for more information about how we can support your workforce.

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