About Us

About Us

Our Vision, Our Promise

To offer individuals and organizations the peace of knowing that an innovative, competent, and conscientious firm has their front (through preventive tech solutions) and their back (when the existing solutions being used prove inadequate).

Mainsail Technologies Performance Pillars

Problem Prevention

We offer our customers diverse and comprehensive tech solutions that limit their risk, inform and empower their workforce, and reduce the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks.

Personalized Protection

We ensure that we get to know your end-users, your business, and your threats so as to offer you personalized protection and the security your brand deserves.

People as the Priority

We understand that cybersecurity is one of the simplest ways to care for your workforce, customers, and others that are a part of your network.

Partnerships that Make a difference

We understand the power of partnerships and we value all of our short and long-term customers for offering us the privilege of service.

Our Team

Our team includes experienced and dedicated professionals that understand our industry, the impacts of a variety of solutions, and the significance of strategy. We measure our success through your outcomes and champion the use of multi-level solutions that give you ultimate security.

Mia Thornton

Founder and CEO

Mia Thornton is a growth oriented and compassionate leader focused on optimizing customers’ security through effective tech team strategies and enhanced infrastructure.

Her belief: “All organizations have the same inherent challenges – the task of protecting its brand, its people, and its vulnerable data. As a result, we aim to provide critical cybersecurity resources, tools, and mechanisms that enhance your operational excellence. Let us support you through the process of detection and defense.”

Mainsail Careers

While Mainsail Technologies is not actively recruiting at this time, we pride ourselves in having a highly qualified, skilled, and dedicated team. Our diverse talents and backgrounds heighten our brand excellence and collective efficacy. What we know for sure is that people shape possibilities.

Thus, as we continue to grow and innovate, we hope that you will continue to look for opportunities to be a part of our success in the field of cyber protection.

Our Award Is

Your Security

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